COVID-19 Virus
17 November-Update

17 Nov 2020 | Bankstown


This morning we received urgent advice from NSW Health.

An extract from the email sent to providers is below:

The substantive new content since the 12 November advice received is as follows:

 Exclude staff and visitors who:



Having learnt from previous outbreaks interstate the locations of concern on the list in South Australia and New Zealand may change daily.  We do not want to email you daily with the frequent changes so we will EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY request that:

  1. If you have been in New Zealand or hosted visitors from NZ since 3 November 2020 please do not visit our facilities until further notice.
  2. If you have visited or hosted visitors from South Australia since 7 November 2020 please do not visit our facilities until further notice.

For families who have visited, work or who live in the Liverpool or Wingecarribee local government areas you need to still ring the reception team at your village to book a visit and to be escorted to your loved one’s room.

For all visitors NOT in the categories above visiting times/dates/arrangements will not change.

If you have worked, visited or live in Camden you may now visit during the pre-set visiting times at the village. Camden has been removed from the NSW Health list of LGA’s where visitors were restricted.



Our aim has always been to balance the safety of our residents with the need for family connection and support.  We will continue to support visits on compassionate grounds or exceptional circumstances as the need arises. 

Please contact the Facility Manager to discuss your individual circumstances.

Deborah Key