What does it cost to enter residential care?

Basic Daily Fees contribute to your daily living costs. They include a basic daily fee for residents based on approximately 85% of the full aged pension. Additional Means Tested Care Fees may be payable dependent on a person's private income and assets. You can be asked to pay an accommodation payment (either a Refundable Accommodation ...

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What are my rights and reimbursements when I leave?

No matter which aged care home you live in, your rights and responsibilities are the same. To protect these rights and responsibilities, there is legislation that all Australian Government-subsidised aged care homes must follow, such as the Aged Care Act 1997 (the Act). Should you leave our facility, your accommodation payment is refunded within 14 ...

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Exactly what is included in the daily fees?

The following specifies the services that must be provided for all care recipients who need them. Administration General operation of the Residential Care service, including documentation relating to care recipients. Maintenance of buildings and grounds Adequately maintained buildings and grounds. Accommodation Utilities such as electricity and water. Furnishings Bedside lockers, chairs with arms, containers for personal laundry, ...

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