What types of Residential Care are available?

Bankstown City Aged Care has four residential villages able to accommodate people who require support with day to day activities but still have a level of physical ability and independence. In this accommodation, residents have their own room with a private bathroom and there are communal facilities for meals and activities. Residents are assisted and ...

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What activities are available in the Facility?

There is a diverse range of social and leisure activities offered at each facility. A program of these activities is available on each noticeboard. Individual interests, customs, beliefs, cultural and ethnic lifestyles are encompassed by the diversional therapy service and your suggestion on the program is encouraged.

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Can I have my own doctor?

Yes we encourage this however if your own doctor cannot look after you we can give you a list of doctors who visit our residential homes and you can contact them prior to admission to arrange for them to care for you.

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What can I bring with me to the home?

We encourage our residents to personalise their room to make it feel as homely as possible so items such as art, photos, sentimental ornaments and personal items are very appropriate to bring. If you would like to bring a small piece of furniture please discuss it with the manager of the centre first.

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