Gillawarna Village Refurbishments – Stage 1 Complete

28 Nov 2019 | Anne Nohra

This year has seen us undertake a village-wide project to refurbish and revitalise the common and private living spaces of Gillawarna Village.

Starting in the garden, foyer, and common areas, this refurbishment will enhance all aspects of the village, making it more pleasant for residents and visitors.

Stage 1 is now completed…

Wattle House, our memory care unit has been described as inviting, calm and homelike. The many themed areas were developed to  provide stimulation and a space where residents can engage in meaningful activities daily and reconnect with their past.

Harvey’s café recently reopened, formally known as Harvey’s House. A popular spot with residents, families and staff is a relaxed meeting place within the village. Pop in and try the new menu.

Stage 2 in our High Care area is now underway…